1. Dreaming

    Occasionally my mind will churn up seemingly ancient memory fragments, hopes, plans for the future

    And from that I feel happy
    I feel hope and positivity

    Then I recognize the feeling and realize that I am dreaming

    Each time I say:
    “I must do this more often”

    Then the next urgent yet unimportant task arises

  2. Ppl think I’m perpetually Chillin but really it’s the other way around. Even if I’m just thinking.

  3. Pondering how three dimensional thoughts can navigate a multidimensional universe.

  4. @joyacigars ahhhh…


  5. Does anyone want to listen anymore?

  6. One time for #TBT The Late Ethel Crystal-Williams. The reason my middle name is Crystal, and consequently, that name made me tough as $2 steak. Never met her but I understand she was live as hell!


  8. #dappered dappered.com says what #sdmitr has been trying to gently suggest but no one got the hint. May be some new material soon lol. Not on this - I’m too original.

  9. #chasmaticodyssey

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